RJC COVID-19 UPDATE: March 17, 4:30pm

Mar 17, 2020 | RJC News

Due to the ongoing escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking all dorm students who can return home to do so immediately. 

We are advising that students pack their essentials, tidy their rooms, and make sure of any perishables are properly disposed of.  If students would like or need, arrangements can be made for storage of their belongings.   

For now our dorms remain open, but we are restricting all visitors to our dorms effective immediately.  We are also restricting off-campus visits for students who wish to remain in the dorms.  We will continue to work with each family to ensure that a safe plan is in place for their child.  Please contact us at (306) 212 2123 or (306) 212 2152 if you have any questions as we endeavor to keep our dorm and school community as safe as possible at this time. 


Ryan Wood, Principal