RJC celebrates the success of Virtual Choirs & Cakes

May 1, 2020 | RJC News

On Sunday, April 26, 7:00 pm RJC High School (RJC) held its first virtual fundraiser: Virtual Choirs & Cakes. This event included a 40 min video of RJC music groups, reflections from students, alumni & community members, and an online auction of cakes and other food items. All held on the RJC website. 

The event was a success, connecting RJC with alumni and friends across Canada and the world. Through the support of donors, a combination of general donations and bids on the online auction items, RJC was able to surpass their fundraising goal for the event. 

The final bids on auction items are listed below:

  • PicNick’s Catering Gift Certificate (donated by Nicole Arnold) – $800
  • Springtime Picnic Basket (donated by Nicole Tiessen) – $1,010
  • Butchers Basket (donated by Pine View Farms) – $1,250
  • Zebra Cheesecake (donated by Rebecca Isaak) – $2,000
  • Spiced Pumpkin Cake (donated by Station Arts Centre) – $2,010
  • Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake (donated by Barb Wolfe) – $3,530

On the event, Jeanette Hanson said, “The phrase that David Epp used, “cloud of witnesses”, was beautifully portrayed in seeing the alumni virtual choir and the RJC virtual choir surrounding the empty hallways of RJC.  What a joyful coming together of students and staff supporting each other in a difficult time!”

Virtual Choirs & Cakes even received provincial news coverage. CTV Saskatoon News aired a story on the RJC student virtual choir singing “Life in a Northern Town.” The song, a tribute to the town of Rosthern and its front-line workers, was an opportunity for students and staff to connect during a time of physical distancing. 

RJC is grateful for the continued thoughts, prayers, & support during this time. 

Click here to watch Virtual Choirs & Cakes.