Update from RJC Board Chair

Feb 12, 2021 | RJC News

January 26, 2021

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the RJC Board of Directors, I want to extend congratulations and all the best to students, staff, and parents as the RJC High School 2020-21 semester 1 comes to an end, and students and teachers prepare for final exams. Thank you for your diligence and support in making this first semester a success.

In the following acknowledgment, I offer our collective gratitude, and take the opportunity to share highlights from the year thus far, illustrating the dedication of the RJC Staff in educating this year’s student body. To date, and of utmost importance, RJC has not missed one day of face-to-face educational instruction for students since the start of the school year. We congratulate Ryan Wood, his leadership and administrative team, the teachers, the deans, the kitchen staff, cooks, and the maintenance and janitorial teams for the care for and consideration of the experience of this year’s student body. From all of us outside of the school organization looking in – thank you and congratulations!

Further to this, and to highlight other opportunities students have had to date, I share the following. In the fall, students were invited to play inter-squad sports including football and volleyball, they established ways to sing in small group choirs, attend chapel, and were given the opportunity for grade and school retreats. Through the early winter months, students were invited to participate in social, planned, extracurricular activities provided to them by staff and student leadership. Special events included Sam Hawkins day, Guys and Girls night out and Thanksgiving and Christmas banquets. The school has produced on-line concerts and opportunities for students to share, which has kept students engaged and all of us with the ability to stay connected.

As we look to semester 2, during the winter months ahead, the planned opportunities and events continue. There is a newly formed nordic ski team, a golf team practicing in the golf simulator available in the town of Rosthern, hockey practices and inter-squad badminton, along with men’s chorus. Since many students continue to stay on campus through weekends, ensuring they are doing their part to protect their community, weekend activities and events are planned by dean staff and student leaders. These spontaneous activities include crokicurl, activities in the on-campus rink and house leagues, to name a few. The RJC experience continues to evolve through the year and staff continue to provide valuable opportunities for students, educating and equipping them for their futures.

Today we acknowledge the efforts, long days and extensive energy the entire staff has invested in this year’s educational experience. Many of us are an arm’s length away from the day to day of RJC, so it is important to share first-hand about the efforts RJC is putting in to creating an unforgettable experience for students this year. We pray for continued health and brighter days ahead as we thank the staff at RJC, for taking great care of the students, and their educational needs while offering memorable RJC experiences.


Tammy Forreseter

RJC Board Chair