Let the magnet pull you: an RJC adventure

Nov 16, 2021 | Alumni & Friends Story

By Wendy Epp

Our family of four has embraced a rather novel adventure this year.

Our sons, Zachary (Grade 12, in his second year) and Lucas (Grade 10), let the magnetic pull of history, tradition, dorm life, enhanced learning and sports draw them to RJC from Vancouver, B.C. The magnetic pull for our family was too much to resist. So, on Sept. 27, 2021 Michael and I (1986 grads) made a part-time move to live in Saskatoon to be a peripheral part of their RJC lives.

Although COVID has complicated many lives and made for an incredibly challenging two years, our sons are the benefactors of RJC’s commitment to keeping the school and dream alive. We left Zachary at the dorms in September 2020 wondering what on earth a kid from Vancouver was possibly going to find in this small, unfamiliar community. He found a warm, safe and authentic place to learn and grow. He tried things he would never have tried before (he still can’t believe he’s singing in the choir) and soon our Lucas was feeling that magnetic pull.

The alumni and friends volleyball and soccer tournament was a fabulous way for the current students to see the past lives that walked the halls of RJC. Our gift, as alumni, was seeing the future of the school in players learning the game, learning the value of teamwork and showing unending enthusiasm for their sport and their school.

RJC has provided the most unbelievable opportunity for growth for our sons.

Michael and I attended RJC because it was what our families did. It was tradition, it was familiar and it was close to home. Zachary attended because he heard something from his family that intrigued him. He stayed because it provided a warm, creative, safe place to learn. He came back with his brother, because the magnetic pull of possibility is just that strong at RJC.

We recently met a nurse from Duck Lake who really wanted her son to go to RJC. We found ourselves exchanging cell phone numbers and excitedly repeating, “the possibility for growth is unbeatable.” We are not really the evangelist type, but RJC has left us boldly claiming that there is a world of possibility in this safe, close, warm, inviting and energetic home for our kids.