One big team: RJC students reflect on their athletic experience

Jan 6, 2022 | Student Story

Julia Regier (Grade 12, Waldheim)

What has playing volleyball at RJC been like for you?

Being part of the RJC volleyball team has been really exciting this year. It’s been interesting to see how we have dealt with COVID rules as a team. When we play in games masks are optional, but when we are given that choice we usually choose to wear them. It’s assuring to know that as a team we have chosen to protect each other and those we play against by wearing a mask.

Tell us about some highlights from the school year so far.

It’s interesting because we have a large girls volleyball team, so there is a lot of diversity of skills. But, regardless of that, I think we’ve really learned to support each other. Our home tournament was amazing! At RJC the fans are so into the game, and really show up, which is a difference I have observed from other schools. Our student body is wild, in the best way, and I think that really fuels our team.

Have you noticed a difference in playing sports at RJC?

At RJC we have so many supporters. In general, so many people support RJC, and having that fanbase beyond just the student body is so exciting. It really creates a sense of team outside of the sport.


Charley Fleming (Grade 10, Kindersley)

What has playing football at RJC been like for you?

It’s satisfying to be playing again because it’s been such a long time since we’ve all got to play against other schools. Playing at RJC is great, and it’s been fun to make touchdowns and good tackles and have everyone at school cheer you on along the way. I’m excited to get better and work on my skills over the next three years, and eventually I’d like to go to college or university and play football at that level.

Tell us about some highlights from the school year so far.

There’s a lot of support through friends and teachers, and people here are really understanding. School was tough for me before coming here, but I feel like RJC is helping me ease into learning again and it’s less stressful. I really like the independence I find in the dorm, and the fact that I can hang out with my friends and the people I play sports with all the time. You get to know people a lot better.

Have you noticed a difference in playing sports at RJC?

It’s been fun to play after a year of not having sports at my last school. This is my first year at RJC, which was a big change to adjust to, and there’s a lot of people who are playing football for the first time, so we are all learning how. But we are learning how to communicate better and be a better team. At RJC you’re close with a lot of the people you play with, which I think makes a difference in how you play.


Francisco Valle (Grade 12, El Salvador)

What has playing soccer at RJC been like for you?

It’s pretty fun because there’s so many people involved, and it’s competitive. When I was in Grade 10 our team went to provincials, which was a really great experience. I also feel like it’s a great way to make friends at the beginning of the year, because a lot of people are looking to play or try something new.

Tell us about some highlights from the school year so far.

This year the phys ed 30 class went on a canoe trip, which sort of felt like trying a new sport for me. I’ve never done that before, but it was a really good experience. The day we came back from the canoe trip we had a soccer game, which was very tiring but I’m glad that we are so busy and active. It’s been a lot of fun.

Have you noticed a difference in playing sports at RJC?

There’s not as much pressure when you play with your friends. A lot of people play at different skill levels, but that’s okay because I think we try to teach each other and help each other out during practices. That makes a good team.