Do you need to be Christian to attend RJC?

No, RJC welcomes students from all cultures and backgrounds. However students will be asked to participate in all aspects of RJC, which will include the Faith & Life program.

What grades does RJC offer?

We are a Grades 10-12 high school.

What is RJC's Student/Staff Ratio?

RJC has a student/staff ratio of 10:1. Because of our small class sizes, staff are readily available to meet with students one-on-one to help them succeed in academics and create a space for students to thrive. 

What support does RJC offer for mental health?

RJC has a number of resources used to address the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness concerns of its students. See the Health & Wellness section of our website or call (306) 232-4222 to discuss with staff what supports are available. 

What percentage of RJC students attend university after graduation?

Each year about 90% of RJC graduates go on to some of the top universities in Canada, including University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo and University of Saskatchewan.

Are athletic opportunities open to RJC graduates after high school?

Yes, each year RJC athletes are recruited to play at the university or college level. Some receiving generous scholarships. 

How much does it cost to attend RJC?

Visit our Student Fees page for tuition and dorm costs.

What does tuition include?
  • Athletic fees
  • Dress code (school uniform) 
  • Academic fee
  • Lunches for the year
  • Student Activity fees (yearbook, SRC/SCC committees)
  • Core travel expenses for school trips
Is Financial Assistance available?

Yes, through the generosity of our donors RJC is able to offer bursaries and scholarships. Please visit our Bursaries & Scholarship page. 

Does RJC have payment plans?

Yes, we can arrange payments plans that work for your family. Some pay tuition all at once, while others choose to pay by semester or monthly. Please contact the admissions office to discuss payment options.

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