Mission & Vision

our mission

RJC High School, in partnership with home and church, seeks to nurture the development of each student’s identity and potential in preparation for a life of faith, service and peacemaking. 

“The culture of RJC is very accepting. Right from the minute we came to the school our child was encouraged to join in activities. We could feel the spirit from the very start. The school works very hard to create an inclusive and understanding culture.” 

– Karen Linsley, RJC parent

our vision

As a Christian educational community within the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition, RJC High School understands that education of children is a shared responsibility of the school, the home, and the church. 

We strive to integrate sound academic learning, growth in character and faith, peacemaking and service to God and all creation. This educational endeavor is upheld and undergirded by our Christian values. We are convinced that learning, at best, occurs when academics are bound together with faith and positive relationships, and where the focus is the development of the whole person.