Grade 11: thrive

We believe that students learn best when they are engaged and involved in their own learning.

RJC’s Grade 11 THRIVE program provides unique out-of-the classroom experiences for our students, to help them meet curricular and personal goals. By emphasizing hands-on learning and inquiry, education at RJC equips students with learning that is relevant and meaningful.

“A highlight of the Grade 11 THRIVE program is the out-trip we get to take as a class. RJC is all about community and it felt like we really had the opportunity to bond as classmates and friends.”

– Kylee Warkentin, RJC student

As a Grade 11 student, you will thrive by:

  • Being part of a diverse and accepting community
  • Learning and practicing healthy relationship skills
  • Connecting with God in a supportive community of faith
  • Taking time to understand what it means to be your best self
  • Helping nurture a healthy planet
  • Considering others and learning how to make decisions in community 
  • Peacemaking in a troubled world

Opportunities to thrive:


Learn and interact with new classmates at the Grade 11 THRIVE retreat


Develop the skills and knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices in Life Transitions class


Study and practice models of peacemaking and justice in Christian Ethics 20 Shalom class


Practice acts of spiritual discipline through the development of a THRIVE Lent project


Engage in and help plan community building events like Treaty Days and Junior/Senior


Practice lessons of peacebuilding and service during Alternative Learning & Service Opportunities week in Calgary or Saskatoon


Recharge and reconnect outdoors during Physical Education 20 out-trips to Northern Saskatchewan

Grade 11 THRIVE Courses

  • ELA 20
  • History 20
  • Native Studies 20
  • Life Transitions 20
  • Physical Education 20
  • Christian Ethics 20
  • Math Foundations 20
  • Pre-Calculus 20
  • Health Science 20
  • Environmental Science 20


  • Physical Science 20
  • Practical & Applied Arts A10
  • Construction & Carpentry 20
  • Communications Media 20
  • Visual Art 20
  • Theatre Art 20
  • Music 20
  • Band 20
  • Dance 20