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Living in the on-campus dormitory helps prepare students for life after high school. 

RJC’s dorms provide students opportunities to learn and grow in a community focused learning environment. Students will learn independent living skills, habits of health and wellness, leadership skills, and so much more. 


The dorms are supervised by four staff, called deans, who work to create a positive environment of community, health and wellness.  Deans serve as mentors for the students who live on campus, and provide guidance to students as they grow and develop self-awareness and independence. 

Dorm Rooms

Each room is set up with two beds, two study desks, two closets, shelving and cupboards. We usually pair a student with a roommate, to create a sense of belonging and community, but under special circumstances students may request to have their own room. Once students move into their rooms they can decide how to make the space feel more like “home.” Students will share a common bathroom with their own gender on each floor of the dorm building. 

Common Spaces

There are a variety of common spaces on campus and in the dorms where students can create community together. The dorms house a co-ed games and rec space, a TV lounge, and an underground theatre called “The Pit.”


RJC students are fed well. Our amazing kitchen staff works hard to provide nutritious meals for our students that are homemade and often locally sourced. Dorm students are included on the meal plan, which includes three meals a day, as well as an evening snack called “night lunch.” We believe that eating well contributes to students overall health and wellness.


Students have the option to stay in the dorms over the weekend or return home to their family. Deans will check in with students throughout the week to ensure a plan is in place for the student. Throughout the year the dorm will close for long weekends or holidays, at which point arrangements are made for our out-of-province and international students to stay with a host family.

Student Community Council

Student leadership for the RJC community comes from the Student Community Council (SCC). This group meets regularly to consider community health and to plan all school events. This student group is made up of both dorm and day students.

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