International Students

RJC’s diverse student body includes students from all over the world.

About 15% of RJC’s students are from countries outside of Canada. International students choose RJC for various reasons, but many are drawn to RJC’s focus on English language development, university preparation, and cultural experiences. RJC’s approach to education is community-based as well as student centered.

Why study at RJC?

English Language Development
  • RJC offers a unique English language immersion experience. Enhance your skills in writing and speaking by living in the dorms and studying with Canadian students in the classroom. 
University Preparation
  • Your Saskatchewan accredited RJC high school diploma will open the door to further education, and give you access to universities in North America and around the world.
  • Three years of education at RJC exempts you from many of the English language proficiency exams at most universities. 
  • RJC partners with many Canadian colleges and universities. These connections give RJC students access to exclusive services, including school tours and assistance with admission and scholarship applications. Regardless of your educational goals, RJC will help prepare you for life after high school.  
Cultural Experiences
  • RJC’s BELONG program invites all students, whether in the dorm or at homestays, to build community together.
  • Our school programming allows students to travel off campus many times throughout the year and experience the wonders of Canada’s diverse culture and landscapes.
  • International students will also have the opportunity to share their diverse cultural experience with other students at school, through our International/Cultural Days. Run during the school day, international students will share with students during our chapel slot, and then invite students to eat a traditional food dish during lunchtime.

University Preparation Year

  • 6 months – 1 year
  • For students who are in university, have completed high school, or are near completion of a high school diploma
  • Complete studies in the science and humanities in English to better prepare for university standards

Canadian Diploma

  • 2-3 years
  • Graduate with a Canadian diploma and become prepared for a variety of university options in Canada and around the world
  • 3 years of study at RJC can exempt students from English Language Proficiency tests at most universities


The on-campus dormitory allows students to find a home away from home as they adapt to life in a new country. The dorms are providing a context for students to grow in independence and develop emotional intelligence skills that prepare them for life after high school. 

Each dorm room has two beds, two closets, and two desks. There is a common recreation space, TV lounge, and dining hall in the dorm builidng.

Host Families

During holidays or closed-dorm weekends international students are asked to stay with host families. These families welcome students into their homes, providing an environment of support and safety. 

Where a student stays during times when the dorm is closed is determined by the parents/guardians of the students, in collaboration with RJC. The school will provide reasonable support in finding a suitable host family for the student. 

“RJC is a very interesting and fun school compared to other schools that I’ve attended in Hong Kong. The teachers and staff are very nice and helpful, and the students are also very friendly and outgoing. I find it easy to make friends here, and by living and studying with my friends, my English has improved significantly. RJC always makes me feel at home. I am glad I chose RJC as my high school rather than getting lost in big schools in Toronto or Vancouver

– Leo Pang, RJC student