International Students

RJC’s diverse student body includes students from all over the world.

About 15% of RJC’s students are from countries outside of Canada. International students choose RJC for various reasons, but many are drawn to RJC’s focus on English language development, university preparation, and cultural experiences. RJC’s approach to education is community-based as well as student centered.

Why study at RJC?

English Language Development
  • RJC offers a unique English language immersion experience. Enhance your skills in writing and speaking by living in the dorms and studying with Canadian students in the classroom. 
University Preparation
  • Your Saskatchewan accredited RJC high school diploma will open the door to further education, and give you access to universities in North America and around the world.
  • Three years of education at RJC exempts you from many of the English language proficiency exams at most universities. 
  • RJC partners with many Canadian colleges and universities. These connections give RJC students access to exclusive services, including school tours and assistance with admission and scholarship applications. Regardless of your educational goals, RJC will help prepare you for life after high school.  
Cultural Experiences
  • RJC’s BELONG program invites all students, whether in the dorm or at homestays, to build community together.
  • Our school programming allows students to travel off campus many times throughout the year and experience the wonders of Canada’s diverse culture and landscapes.
  • International students will also have the opportunity to share their diverse cultural experience with other students at school, through our International/Cultural Days. 

What Will I Study at RJC? 

  • RJC is accredited by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. A high school diploma from RJC will open doors that can take you to university or college anywhere in the world.
  • RJC offers a wide variety of course options for students, and provides support and academic guidance for all students.


The on-campus dormitory allows students to find a home away from home as they adapt to life in a new country. The dorms are providing a context for students to grow in independence and develop emotional intelligence skills that prepare them for life after high school.

  • Single or double dorm rooms
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Common study and entertainment lounge
  • Healthy and well-balanced meals every day
  • Student activities planned throughout the year
  • Gymnasium and fitness room 
  • Access to RJC staff, who provide personal support and supervision

Homestay arrangements

There are times throughout the school year where the dorm will be closed for exended holidays and long weekends. During this time, International students will be asked to stay with a homestay. These host families welcome students into their homes and provide an environment of support and safety. 

RJC staff will assist students with finding an appropraite homestay.

Homestays provide a great opportunity for students to experience a different part of Canadian culture. 

There is no additional cost for homestays for International students above the tuition and dormitory fees. 

Welcome to Saskatchewan, Canada!

The province of Saskatchewan offers tremendous opportunities to study. Our safe and friendly communities, the natural beauty of our prairie, lakes and forests give you an opportunity to explore different landscapes.

Students from around the world enjoy this quality of life when they come to study in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). The weather ranges from 25 °C in the spring, and summer to -25 °C in the winter.

Saskatchewan is located in the centre of Canada and has a population of more than a million people. Saskatoon, which is only 35 min south of the town of Rosthern, is home to an International airport, which easily connects to other parts of Canada and the world.

Healthcare & Wellness

International students in Saskatchewan are eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card. A valid Saskatchewan health card provides International students access to basic medical care services in the province free of charge.

These include:
• Appointments with a doctor or specialist physician
• Walk-in clinic health care
• Emergency room treatment
• Hospital treatment based on doctors’

RJC will apply for a Saskatchewan health card for each of our international students once they begin studies.

How to apply!

Once you are ready to apply, contact the admissions office at You will need to complete the following steps to apply:

1. Complete an online international student application form.

2. Submit 2 personal references. Click here for the reference form.

3. Submit a most recent copy of your high school transcript (report card).

3. Sign the fee schedule and pay your tuition deposit. Contact for instructions on how to do this.

4. Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive your letter of admission. You must apply for a Canadian study permit / visa. Click here for more info. 

5. Register for classes, pack your bags and get ready to join the RJC community!


RJC will support you as you arrive to Canada

For many international students, attending RJC will be the first time they will be arriving in Canada. In preparation for the student’s arrival, RJC is prepared to assist students during their travels in the following ways:

  • Regular contact and communication over WhatsApp on travel day.
  • Pickup from the Saskatoon airport and transportation to RJC.
  • Support upon arrival from dorm staff to help students settle into their room.
  • Help with opening a Canadian bank account and Canadian cell phone.
  • Assistance applying for Saskatchewan health card.
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.
  • Regular trips to Saskatoon for shopping.

Parents and guardians can be in touch with the International Student Coordinator if they have any questions about student support while they are a student.

I am a grade 12 international student at RJC. Since I am pretty far away from home, I was a bit worried about my school life here at RJC. Students and teachers are very welcoming, I felt like this is my home since the first week of school. There are lots of extracurriculars at RJC like sports teams, musical activities, and other school clubs. You are absolutely welcomed to join and participate.”

我是 RJC 12 年級的國際學生。由於我離家 很遠,所以我對學校生活有些不安我在 RJC 的學校生活。學生和老師都非 常熱情,從開學第一周起我就 感覺這裡就是我的家。 RJC 有許多課外活動,如運動隊、 音樂活動和其他學校俱樂部。 絕對歡迎您的加入與參與。

– Cyrus Lo, RJC student from Hong Kong