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Changing high schools can be a big decision, so why not become more familiar with RJC before you attend? RJC hosts a number of campus-visit events, such as Open Houses, Spend-a-Days, and an annual Red Carpet Open House prior to opening night of the year-end musical in June.

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Open House

Friday, January 19, 2024



Wednesday, May 22, 2024

What is a spend-a-day?

Spend-A-Day is an opportunity for students to experience a day in the life of an RJC student, to get a sense of what the school is like! Visiting students can come with a friend or on their own.

What should I expect?

Spend-A-Day students will be paired with at least one current student to be their “buddy” for the day. Students will attend classes, chapel, enjoy a nutritious lunch in our dining hall, and participate in our music and athletics programs. 

What is a Open House?

Open House is an event for the whole family. Attending an Open House will give you a sense for the diverse programs and community that RJC has to offer.

What should I expect?

Enjoy supper in the RJC dining hall, attend an interactive tour led by RJC students and staff, followed by a show / entertainment by RJC students. 

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