Ways to give

“When we started giving it was definitely because we loved RJC. We had a great time there and we would like to give back. [Now] we give so our kids can enjoy the culture of RJC.”

– Sarah Unrau (’04) & Mackenzie Fast (’04)

Your Gifts at Work

Your Gift . . . 

Makes it possible to welcome students from all walks of life, from down the street and across the world. 

Your Gift .  . .

Creates a space for students to belong, whether that be in the dorm, on a sports team, or in choir. 

Your Gift . . .

Is creating a generation of leaders. Students are leaving RJC prepared for a life of service, faith, & peacebuilding.

Read RJC student stories to see the difference your gift is making in the lives of students.

E-transfer donations can be sent to 

Ways to Give

One-time donation
    • Make a one-time donation to RJC and show your support for the school and its students. Donate Now! Donations can be made at any time, or at an RJC fundraising event.
    • Tax receipts are issued for any donations above $20.
Monthly Giving
    • Plan your giving and become a monthly donor. By signing up for monthly giving you provide ongoing support that makes the mission of RJC possible.
    • Monthly gifts can start at as little as $10/month, and be as large as whatever works for your personal budget.  An official tax receipt for cumulative donations will be issued each year.
    • Set up monthly giving through automatic bank withdrawls by completing this form and email it to
Donation of Securities
    • Do you have shares or securities that have significantly increased in value since their acquisition? Donating securities can help you save on the tax that Canadian’s pay on the capital gains earned by securities.
    • If you sell the securities yourself, you will likely pay tax on a  considerable portion of your capital gain. If you transfer ownership of the securities to RJC directly, you could avoid triggering capital gains tax and you will receive a charitable receipt for the market value of the securities.
    • Complete a Letter of Direction to begin the process of making a gift of securities to RJC.
    • Email to discuss a gift of securities.
A gift in your will
    • What’s your RJC story? Perhaps you were a student or teacher here, or you appreciated the education your children or grandchildren received. Consider leaving a gift in your will so the legacy of RJC can continue for other students.
    • Email today if you have plans to include RJC as part of your will & estate.
Corporate Sponsorship
    • You and your team can be part of making a difference in the lives of students and the world by joining RJC as a corporate partner in education. Your organization could receive recognition at all RJC public events. To learn more visit our corporate partners & sponsors page.
    • Due to the other benefits you will receive as a corporate sponsor, you will not receive a donation receipt.
Sponsor a Student
    • Do you want to help a student get to RJC? Each year RJC encounters students and families who cannot afford the cost of tuition. Consider giving to pay for a student’s tuition. 
    • Email if you are interested in sponsoring a student.
    • RJC is unable to issue a donation receipt for those paying for the cost of tuition.
    • Gifts to RJC’s bursary fund may be receipted. 
Create a Scholarship
    • Help more students attend RJC by creating an annual scholarship. This scholarship might be in memory of somone, or as a way of continuing the legacy of someone at RJC.
    • Please contact the development office to determine the criteria of the scholarship.
Planned Giving - Abundance Canada
  • Interested in strategic gift planning? Abundance Canada has trained consultants who have the tools to help RJC supporters live generously at every stage of life.
  • Abundance Canada has no commissions, no hidden fees, and no products to sell. All consultations are free and confidential and all our work is based on our Biblical understanding of generosity. Call a consultant today and discover how Abundance Canada services may be tailored to suit your needs.

Services include:

  • Will and estate planning
  • Gifts in a will
  • Life insurance
  • Gifts of securities and property
  • Flexible gifting accounts
  • Personalized services
  • Scolarships


Call the Development office at (306) 232-4222 or email if you would like to discuss your gift.

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to study at such a great high school. Because people give money I am able to study with so many people I love and respect. Everyone has given me so much and I hope I can give back one day.”

Eh Ni Htoo, RJC student