Student Life

belong – rjc community


Learning Happens When We Build Community Together


RJC is a supportive and structured learning community where every student is included and encouraged to explore their gifts and find places of involvement and belonging. We foster a stimulating and safe school environment where students and staff reconcile individual freedom with mutual accountability and learn a wholesome respect for self and other. We encourage and affirm students to do their very best whether in academics, leadership, service, athletics, music, or the arts.

Goals of the RJC learning community include:

  • Contributing to the community
  • Making new friends
  • Overcoming obstacles 
  • Developing independence and responsibility 
  • Fostering habits of wellness
  • Practicing welcoming hospitality 
  • Taking healthy risks

“I was drawn to RJC because I wanted to make life-long friends. I think because we travel, live, and study together we develop community, and that’s how those friendships are made.”

– Natalia Thiessen, RJC Student