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At our core, we at RJC seek to utilize opportunities in the classroom, gymnasium, theatre, and dorms to invite students to take Jesus seriously. This involves engaging students in biblically rooted ideas of peace, justice, and faith, with an emphasis on how these values might be enacted prophetically in our world.


Every day RJC students will attend chapel, which is coordinated by the Spiritual Life Director. Chapels are lead by RJC staff, students, community faith leaders, and a variety of other campus guests. During chapels, students are challenged to consider values peacemaking and service, and to look for practical ways to live out their faith.  

Ways RJC students put faith into action

Faith and Life Committee

The Faith and Life Committee is a student-led group that meets weekly to plan and organize chapels, community events, and opportunities for spiritual care and growth.  With the support of the Spiritual Life Coordinator, Faith and Life also prepares RJC’s annual Deeper Life Days event and leads a fundraiser for charitable causes.

Student Fundraiser

With a goal of ‘putting faith into action,’ RJC students have an annual fundraiser for local and global causes.  In the past 10 years these fundraisers, called Adventopoly, Pennies for Poverty, or Change for Change, have helped raise over $55,000 for homeless shelters, international women’s cooperatives, and responses to food insecurity in Canada’s north and around the world.

ALSO (Alternative Learning & Service Opportunities) Trips

Over 5-14 days of intensive service learning and volunteering, RJC students partner with community organizations and faith groups in Saskatchewan, the Okanagan, Appalachia and Guatemala to respond to issues of poverty, food security, racial inequality, injustice, and systematic violence.  All of this work is done in collaboration with local groups who model Christ-like love through their generosity, discipleship, and openness to relationship building. 


Deeper Life Days

Organized by the Faith and Life committee, Deeper Life Days provide space for the RJC community to explore important ideas relevant to one’s understanding of the world.  Over several days, guests and speakers are invited to present on topics like decolonization and reconciliation, worship and music, and creation care.  


On-Campus Spiritual Care

RJC is committed to providing students with on-campus access to spiritual care.  On staff is a Spiritual Life Coordinator, who is responsible for organizing chapels, speakers, Deeper Life Days, and other events.  This person is also available to help students find local faith communities in which to participate, as well as provide spiritual guidance or support as necessary.  

Another program at RJC is the Pastor-in-Residence, which is provided in partnership with Mennonite Church Saskatchewan.  Once a week a local youth pastor is present on campus for students to meet with. This pastor is also open to making arrangements for students take part in youth group activities or engage with wider church events.  

Ecumenical Partnerships

RJC emphasizes a welcoming expression of faith that seeks to build relationships across difference.  This has led to several ecumenical partnerships that inform programming at RJC. Along with the Rosthern Ministerial, an inter-denominational Christian committee, RJC hosts annual ecumenical events at Remembrance Day and Ash Wednesday. 

“I feel like RJC is really helping me grow in my faith because it’s part of everything we do here. The teachers encourage us to talk about it in class, chapel, the hallway, choir…and just everywhere!”

– Tianna Bartsch, RJC student