Student Life

Health & Wellness

What is wellness?

Wellness is an active, ongoing process of developing habits and making decisions that will help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life. The needs of each person are different, and optimal wellness will depend on your own needs, experience, and circumstance. Maximizing your potential involves making decisions about life’s opportunities and challenges regarding how to maintain a balance of wellbeing.

    Thriving at RJC

    RJC’s supportive approach to health and wellness is rooted in nurturing student self-awareness. Our belief is that with appropriate supports students can learn to take an active role in identifying and achieving their individual needs. At RJC students are encouraged to identify areas of wellness in which they are thriving, as well as areas that may need greater attention. Knowing this, a concrete plan with realistic steps can be made to move towards healthier habits and better wellbeing. 

    Many factors can influence health and wellness. RJC’s Wellness Wheel identifies 6 important dimensions of wellness: emotional, academic, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental. RJC works to provide meaningful support for enhancing student wellness in each of these areas. 

    Structures of Support

    Recognizing that each student’s needs are different, RJC provides support structures in each of the 6 dimensions of wellness. In addition to the numerous athletic, artistic, musical, and community opportunities that contribute to habits of health and balance, RJC also offers unique supports to help students that are not present in most schools:

    Study Hour

    Throughout the week, students in the dormitory participate in a Study Hour. This time is regularly set aside for students to focus on meeting their individual wellness needs.

    Student Community Council

    Student leadership for the RJC community comes from the Student Community Council (SCC). This group meets regularly to consider community health and plan all-school events and initiatives.

    Dining Hall

    A healthy, balanced diet contributes to greater student wellness. This is why RJC’s kitchen staff utilize locally sourced ingredients from partnering farmers to provide delicious food for the school community. Personalized dietary needs can also be easily accommodated. 

    Campus Deans

    RJC’s on-campus community is guided by 4 campus deans. Deans serve as mentors for students and are responsible for student wellness and safety. 

    Staff Support

    RJC staff provide reasonable accommodations for students who require academic support or have emotional needs. The Principal, Vice-Principal, and Dormitory Director work with the student’s parent/guardian to determine steps for student success.

    Community Directory

    Supplemental health and wellness supports are readily available in Rosthern. Students are encouraged to consider the following resources when developing plans to address their individual needs.

    Emotional Wellness

    Building inner resources to reduce stress and creating a confident and positive outlook on life.

    Rosthern Public Health Clinic

    Mental Health Social Worker
    (306) 232-6001

    Theresa Driedger

    (866) 637-1763

    Kids Help Phone

    Online support and resources from Kids Help Phone

    Rosthern Community Services

    (306) 232-6001

    Cheralyne Gibson

    Equine Assisted Learning (Horse Riding) (306) 232 5133

    Academic Wellness

    Pursuing lifelong learning by challenging yourself to new academic experiences and meeting academic goals.

    Karalee Kuny


    (306) 232-4222

    Rosthern Library

    (306) 232-5377

    Physical Wellness

    Creating opportunities for active living, healthy eating, and self care practices.

    Rosthern Medical Clinic

    (306) 232-4894

    Doctors Vision Care Rosthern

    (833) 232-3311

    Rosthern Chiropractic Wellness Clinic

    (306) 232-4404

    Phoenix Walk-In Gym

    (306) 232-7422

    Social Wellness

    Developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

    Community Groups

    Directory of Sport, Culture and Recreation

    Spiritual Wellness

    Developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

    Kirsten Hamm Epp

    RJC Campus Pastor
    (306) 232-4222

    Zac Schellenberg

    Chapel / Faith & Life Coordinator 
    (306) 232-4222

    Environmental Wellness

    Creating a safe, inclusive, and sustainable community.

    David Epp

    (306) 232-4222

    Campus Deans

    Campus Deans
    (306) 232-2123 (Girls)
    (306) 232-2152 (Boys)